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Review Process
Peer review of the full paper Proceedings was conducted under the responsibility of the organizing and scientific committees of AIMETA 2017.
The E-Book of the Proceedings has been edited by Luigi Ascione (President of the Organizing Committee), Valentino Berardi (Organizing Committee) , Luciano Feo (Organizing Committee), Fernando Fraternali (Organizing Committee) and Antonio Michele Tralli (President of the Scientific Committee).


Conference proceedings vol.1 
(sessions: MG, MF, MSS) 
Conference proceedings vol.3
(minisymposia: MS01, MS02, MS03, MS04)
Conference proceedings vol.4
(minisymposia: MS05a, MS05b, MS06, MS07, MS08)
Conference proceedings vol.5
(minisymposia: MS09a, MS09b, MS09c, MS09d, MS10, MS11, MS12)